Table Lamp - Chrome Touch Bedside Table Lamps Lights Home Lamp Traditional Style (064-H969- Silver)

Kemket , providers of quality goods for the home and outdoors. From the Kemket brand comes this stylish and functional touch lamp. A stylish, satin nickel base and white fabric shade will look great in any room. Keep the light low for the perfect ambience or make it brighter for reading etc.. Touch control means no fumbling around for the switch, also allowing you to easily switch between the settings with just a couple of taps. Please search for more great items, including home wares, electrical appliances, camping, toys and gadgets and much more! Box Contains 1 x Lamp
Manufacturer: KEMKET
  • Accent lighting is used to highlight a feature or object in a room. The lamp itself doesn’t command any attention, because its purpose is to draw the eye to a specific part of the room.
  • Using a table lamp gives you the luxury of being able to try out different locations and effects. A wall with a matte surface will scatter the light nicely, while a colored surface will add a distinct character to the overall atmosphere. Experiment and see what works best for your home.
  • Using a table lamp is a great idea, because you can reposition them easily to highlight a feature from the best possible angle. Choosing an opaque lamp shade works best, because it concentrates the light on a smaller area, making it more dramatic.
  • General lighting is the most basic function any lamp can perform. It’s purpose, quite simply, is to provide ambient light! This can be bright, for practical purposes, or more subdued to create a pleasant mood.
  • With table lamps, lighting becomes decoration, adding an atmosphere that few improvements can match. You’re no longer limited to relying on the glare of fixed lighting fixtures: a table lamp can be placed wherever the lighting is really needed to enhance your home.