AB Straps Weight Lifting Door Hanging With Quick Locks Fitness Sling Abdominal Exercise Straps Bar with D-Rings safe lock for Door Gym Hanging Weightlifting

The Kemket Hanging Ab Sling is made from heavy duty nylon supports with padded elbow sleeve pockets and an oversized D-ring that fits most bars and machines. The Hanging Ab Sling isolates abs for total abdominal development. It easily attaches to any standard chin-up bar and includes metal hooks for quick installation. Plus, the thick inner pad provides enhanced comfort, Go beyond the basic crunch and take your Ab workout to the next level. Vertical abdominal training allows you to maximize your efforts by using your body's own resistance. Working against gravity is extremely effective in targeting those hard to train lower abs, oblique and love handles. So get off the ground and take your Ab workout vertical with our hanging ab straps.
Manufacturer: KEMKET
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SKU: AST10221
  • Easy to connect can be used on any type of standard chin-up Bars
  • Extra Foam Padding for comfortable support whilst chinning
  • Strong sweat and rip resistant nylon for ultimate durability
  • Extra wide, thickly padded straps minimize stress to the arms and maximize comfort
  • Long handles provide a more comfortable grip and greater stabilization