Aminno Smart Seal Food Storage Container 1300 ml Modular, Stackable, Easy to Clean

Smart Seal Lid is an innovation in dry food storage; It locks into place with a simple twist and creates a firm seal; Slim lid maximizes usable storage space Clear BPA-free plastic body allows you to easily identify items; You can stack and nest the canisters for a tidy and organized appearance Dishwasher safe, handwash recommended; Lid comes apart easily to clean; Can also store liquids; Works in the refridgerator and freezer
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  • They are suitable for storing all types of dry food such as cereal, grain, beans, snacks, pasta, coffee, flour, tea, oatmeal, nuts and more! They are not limited to just dry food and can be a storage for pet food, liquids, and crafts. Use this container to store anything and organize your pantry, kitchen, garage, crafts, and more with these airtight containers.
  • Seal Lid will keep your food fresh. They are perfect for dry food storage such as spices, powders, seeds or cereals in which the airtight lid will keep your food fresh and crunchy. The decrease in moisture and air oxidization will prolong the storage time. With the innovative special sealing mechanism, you can simply turn our ring that will lock and seal the food tightly inside. 
  • This container allow you to identify the contents at a glance without having to open them. The slim lids maximize storage space and the containers are stackable which makes them easy to organize saving you time and space for kitchen and pantry organization. You no longer have to worry about a messy pantry. The clearness of the containers also makes it easy to identify which dry food needs a refill. The clear body and airtight lids are perfect for pantry organization.
  • The Crystal Clear plastic body is made of thick and durable plastic that is BPA-free. They are affordable and well made with hassle-free maintenance. Handwash is recommended but they are also dishwasher safe. The lid comes apart easily and can be stored in refrigerators and freezers.
  • With a simple yet modern touch of black/red lids and a clear body, these container will give an elegant look on the counter. You will be easily able to monitor the contents inside and the hint of red that is on the lid will elevate your kitchen aesthetics.

i) Patent-Pending twist-locking lid creates an airtight seal
ii) BPA-free clear plastic body is durable
iii) Stack, nest, store, and get organized
iv) Perfect for the kitchen, crafts, garage, bathroom, and any use you can think of
v) Lid is easy to clean; No spring mechanism that breaks down
vi) Slim lid maximizes usable storage space


Item Weight : 300gm

Material: ‎Plastic, Crystal

Special Features: Airtight, Leak Resistant

Package Dimensions: 15 x 11.5 x 11.5 cm