Aquafresh Big Teeth Fluoride Toothpaste 50ml

• Children need a higher level of fluoride in their toothpaste as they get older • Aquafresh Big Teeth toothpaste is good for older children • Great minty taste • Combination of red, white and green stripes • Simultaneously strengthens enamel, freshens breath and protects teeth, gums and gaps
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Product Description

Aquafresh Big Teeth 6+ years gentle fluoride protection for children`s teeth and gums. As your child gets older they need extra protection against tooth decay. 

Made with a white and red stripe which with regular brushing provides protection boost for big teeth. 

Containing fluoride and calcium for gentle protection, sugar free and with a minty taste.


Aqua Hydrated Silica Sorbitol Glycerin PEG-6 Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Aroma Xanthan Gum Titanium Dioxide Carrageenan Sodium Fluoride Sodium Saccharin Limonene CI 74260 CI 74160 CI 73360


Directions. I recommend... Your child begins to brush their own teeth with your help. Your child brushes their teeth twice a day. You talk to your dentist about what is best for your child`s teeth. Your child visits the dentist every 6 months. You log on to for some more helpful oral care tips. For children aged 6 and under, use a pea-sized amount and supervise brushing to minimise swallowing. If using fluoride supplements consult your dentist. The ends of this carton have been glued down. Do not use if carton ends are open.

Safety Warning

Min Age Limit (Advisory): 6 Years

Box Contains

1 x Aquafresh Big Teeth Tooth Paste 50ml