Bassett Multivitamins | 3-6 Years | Peach & Apricot Flavour - 30 Pastilles

This tasty soft and chewy multivitamin is tailored with a balance of nutrients. For a strong start to the day, it contains nutrients to support the health of three to six year olds, including Calcium for healthy teeth and Vitamin D for healthy bones and muscle function. No added sugar Natural flavours Natural colours
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  • Eyes

    Vitamin A helps support healthy vision.

  • Skin

    Vitamin A helps support healthy skin & Vitamin E is an antioxidant as it contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

  • Bones & Muscles

    Vitamin D helps absorption of Calcium. Vitamin D & Calcium are necessary for normal bone growth & development & help support healthy muscle function.

  • Vitality

    Vitamins B6 helps reduce tiredness & fatigue & contributes to the release of energy from food.

  • Nervous System

    Vitamins B6 helps support the working of the nervous system.

  • Teeth

    Calcium is necessary for healthy teeth & Vitamin D helps support healthy teeth.

  • Immune System

    Vitamin C & Vitamin D help support the immune system.

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Per Pastille% NRVVitamin A400µg RE50%Vitamin B61.4mg100%Vitamin C80mg100%Vitamin D10µg200% Vitamin E12mg a-TE100%Calcium250mg31%

Sweeteners (Maltitol syrup, Sorbitol, Sucralose), Calcium phosphate, Gelatine (Bovine), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Acid (Malic acid), Glazing agent [Vegetable oil (Coconut oil, Palm kernel oil, Sunflower oil), Carnauba wax], Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, Apricot flavouring, Vitamin D, Colour (Mixed carotenes), Peach flavouring.

Contains naturally occurring sugars.