Bimuno Travelaid Chewable Food Supplement - 30 Pastilles

Bimuno TRAVELAID pastilles can help all the family with the symptoms of travellers' diarrhoea if taken before and during travel. A daily serving of Bimuno TRAVELAID provides a minimum of 2.8g of the active ingredient - galactooligosaccharides (B-GOS). Bimuno TRAVELAID has no gluten, and no artificial flavouring and colouring. Contains 30 pastilles Unique Galacto-oligosaccharide formula
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Item Description

Who is it for? Are you going to be travelling and are concerned about travellers diarrhoea? 
Bimuno® TRAVELAID is a proven food supplement which increases the good bacteria in your gut and can help to reduce the risk of getting travellers diarrhoea. 
Travelling can cause stress, disruption to your body and unbalance your digestive system, this is where Bimuno® TRAVELAID can help. 

Contents: Contains 30 pastilles. A daily serving of Bimuno® TRAVELAID provides a minimum of 2.8g of the active ingredient - galactooligosaccharides (B-GOS®).
Begin taking 7 days before you travel and during your trip until you return.

Bimuno® TRAVELAID is gluten-free, and free from any artificial flavouring and colouring.

How to Use

Taking Bimuno® TRAVELAID is easy. Take all 3 pastilles at the same time each day, ideally for 7 days before your travel and continue taking Bimuno® TRAVELAID until your return. Chew each one separately and fully before swallowing. 

Recommended Daily Serving:

  • Adults and young persons aged 12 years and over: 3 pastilles daily.
  • It is recommended that you start taking the pastilles daily for 7 days before your travels and continue taking them daily until your return.

Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

Store in a cool dry place below 25°C, out of sight and reach of children