Centrum Fruity Chewables Tablets Pack of 30

• Centrum is the worlds No 1 selling multivitamin and multimineral supplement range. • Centrum Fruity Chewables are balanced chewable multivitamins and mineral supplements that taste great and are convenient to take • Centrum Fruity Chewables have been scientifically formulated with adjusted levels of key vitamins and minerals in a tasty chewable tablet • Great Tasting • Provides a combination of vitamins and minerals to supplement a balanced diet.
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Product Description

Centrum Fruity Chewables are packed with vitamins and minerals within a tasty citrus berry flavoured chew. They are handy and convenient to take out and about with you, to ensure you always get your daily vitamin intake. Their collections of vitamins and minerals will act as nutritional support, while also contributing to a healthy immune system, healthy skin and metabolism.