Chest Expander Training & Hand Gripper Muscle Exerciser with 5 Springs

Perfect for strengthening griping power, waist power and expanding chest, etc. can be used to workout virtually every muscle in your body: the back, shoulders, hamstrings, quads, forearms and triceps as well as the chest . convenient to choose resistance you want.
SKU: AST10231
  •   Chest Expander includes fully adjustable resistance that moves the intensity up or down - for custom exercise of back, chest and arms.
  • Security clips lock the bands to handles for a secure, rock-solid connection and contoured, ergonomic handles provide a comfy grip.
  • Chest Expander- As a modern alternative to springs, the resistance in the Confidence Chest expander is provided by heavy duty rubber tubing making it lighter and more portable. A versatile piece in the set, it can be used to work more than the chest, by adjusting where it's used it can benefit the shoulders, forearms, triceps quads and the hamstrings.
  • Different way to exercise with Chest Expander. 5 Spring Chest Expander, features easy to grip handles and 5 springs.
  • Springs can be removed to reduce the intensity of tension.