Colorsport Diva 30 Day Mascara - Eyelash Dye Kit - Black

Use this long-lasting 30 Day Mascara from Diva for beautiful super black eyelashes. Just a few moments is all it takes to have gorgeous lashes. This 30-day mascara gives your lashes permanent colour making them appear darker healthier and more defined from root to tip giving your eyes a more dramatic effect. This easy to use kit contains: 1 x bottle Eyelash Colour Solution 5ml 1 x Tube Eyelash Colour Gel 5ml Eye protection papers 1 Lash Brush Always read full instructions and cautions before use and keep for future reference. Contact lens wearers should remove their lenses. Clean eyelashes thoroughly with a non-oily cleanser and fix the eye protection paper to the lash-line with a small amount of thick cream or petroleum jelly. With a cotton bud apply several coats of the Eyelash Colour Solution 1 onto the eyelashes and leave on for 1 minute without rinsing off. Proceed to the next step. Apply about 1 cm of Eyelash Colour Gel 2 onto the provided eyelash brush and brush through the wet lashes. Wait for about 1 minute Rinse off with thoroughly with wet cotton pads Avoid contact of the Eyelash Colour Gel with the skin as the dye could stain for 2-3 days. Should you need to remove stains from the skin dip a cotton bud into the Eyelash Colour Solution 1 and gently rub on the stains. Warnings
Manufacturer: Colorsport
SKU: A12531
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