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E- health cigarette

E- health cigarette

E-cigarette electronique

E-cigarette electronique

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge Refills 10-Pie...

Electronic Cigarette Cartridge (Menthol Flavor) - would you believe that each cartridge in the pack (there are five cartridges in this pack) is level pegging with 20 genuine, traditional cigarettes. And since it's menthol in flavor, the taste strongly resembles that of a real tobacco. Electronic Cigarette Pocket Kits- this type of cartridge refill is a better option for smokers who want to choose the level of strength of their nicotine vapor. If you buy this one, you have the option to choose from none (0 mg) to high level (16 mg) of strength. Cartridges for Electronic Cigar- these are the cartridges that can fit any of the electronic cigarette models. The problem with other cartridge refills is that some can be only be used in a specific type of electronic cigarette. This is due to the different size and model of e cigars. But with the cartridges for Electronic Cigar, you can use the refills with any e cigar type or model.