Kemket Barbell Squat Pad - Neck & Shoulder Protective Pad with Securing Straps 44cm*9cm - Support for Weight Lifting, Squats, Lunges & Hip Thrusts PINK

The Advanced Barbell Squat Pad Everyone knows squatting is the king of all exercises. But squatting in pain can become very difficult physically and psychologically to perform. Our unique cut away ergonomic design helps to avoid unwanted pressure on the neck, spine or groin and allows us to add more protection to the places that need them. The Squat Pad allows you to comfortably perform your squats, lunges and hip thrusts pain free! Lift Heavier Weight without Discomfort Now Our 44cm long x 9cm wide squat pad is the most comfortable squat pad on the market. With our ergonomic design, the carved area matches your neck's profile with a 3.75cm thick foam pad positioning the weight in line with your body and spreading the weight across your shoulders. No more neck and shoulder pain due to the weight sitting on your spine! Compatible with 25mm and Olympic Bar The Squat Pad will be compatible with the standard or Olympic sized Bar. The non-slip surface will ensure the pad does not slide around and will provide the support you need to complete your lifts with confidence. Great for All Levels Whether you are a world class strong man trying to push the limits or a casual athlete using light to moderate weights, you will see significant improvement in your comfort and performance with the Squat Pad.
SKU: A12080
  • Measuring 44cm*9cm, great for all levels, help you focus and push the limits, fits most of sizes including standard and Olympic bars
  • Creates a cushion for your neck, shoulders and hips, relieves pain and pressure during exercises like Squats, Lunges and Hip Thrusts
  • Thick high-density durable foam that absorbs all shocks for increased comfort and reduced spinal injury
  • Designed to fit different bars. Non slip surface ensure the pad will not shift or spin in place
  • Quickly install or remove the barbell pad in the blink of an eye, lightweight and portable designed that you can carry it to gym or any other place easily.
  • Weight 250 gram