Finger Trainer Exercise Finger Flexible Wrist Centrifugal Ball Male & Female

Exercise the wrist, exercise the muscles of the arm, exercise the strength of the finger, exercise the flexibility and strength of the finger, exercise the speed of the finger, coordinate the finger
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  • Zinc alloy core, moderate weight, high stability will not crack, feel good, while taking into account the beauty and durability.
  • The speed change light is brightly colored by you, the speed of the wrist ball passes through the core of the core, these lights will become bright and colorful, and feel the colorful rhythm, thus increasing the fitness fun.
  • The special wristband is safe, please use a special wristband to make it too strong, pull out and keep it safe.
  • Mechanical power does not require power, the rotation of the wrist interacts with the internal rotation of the ball, generating centrifugal force, keeping the ball running at high speed.
  • It can effectively alleviate the problem of soreness and muscle strain caused by long-term use of wrists and arms, such as tenosynovitis and arthritis. It can also help fitness enthusiasts to carry out targeted strength training.

Product Name: Finger Trainer
Origin: Made in China
Color: blue, red, black
Core material: zinc alloy
Housing material: polycarbonate silicone
Adjustable: adjustable
Shape: spherical
Size: 7 * 7 * 5.5cm
Weight: 287 grams