Haliborange Orange Multivitamin Softies 30 capsule

Supports healthy growth and development Contains 8 essential vitamins Delicious orange fruit flavour One-a-day chewable multivitamin No artificial colours or flavours
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Haliborange Kids Multivitamin Fruit Softies contains 8 essential vitamins, delicious orange fruit flavour and are one-a-day chewable multivitamin Children love to take HalibOrange multivitamin fruit softies

The orange fruit shapes taste delicious and help provide children with vitamins which are important for healthy growth and development

A balanced multivitamin to promote general good health: Vitamin A helps support healthy eyes, B vitamins contribute to the release of energy from food, Vitamin C helps support the immune system, Vitamin D helps the body?s absorption of calcium, promoting strong bones and teeth and Vitamin E provides antioxidant protection of body tissues