Inflatable Child Swimming Pool Beach Seat Float Boat Ring Lovely Turtle Shape

nflated size 26 x 22 inch. After inflate outer length: 56cm, width :42cm. Suitable for baby from 1-3 years old. Note: This baby float can be only used in shallow water and should be under the supervision of adults.
  1. TURTLE SHAPE DESIGN: Lovely cartoon Turtle shape raise baby's interest in learning so that children can have fun even when they can't swim.
  2. Cute inflatable drink holders can be used for long time and ideal for swimming or children to play in bath time
  3. Can keep a good balance, never tip over. Best for your beach party or Hawaiian Luau, corporate parties, weddings, birthday party and more. 
  4. No pump include .
  5. Soft and lightweight making it a perfect swimming toy.
  6. Flexibility of use at home or in swimming pool.
  7. Baby may only use this product under adult's supervision.
  8. With side holders .