Kemket Ankle Wrist Weights Running Exercise Adjustable Wrist Strength Gym Fitness Resistant Training Straps 6kg

Sometimes training at the gym can feel like you're making no progress at all. We have the solution so you can feel the burn more! Our weighted ankle are perfect for adding to your exercise regime. This is ideal for toning up, bulking up or aiding a weight loss plan. Kemket Wrist Ankle Weights 6Kg. Made from durable material and soft to wear for longer periods of time. Wrist Ankle weights are best accessory to help boost your training by providing extra resistance, this increases your stamina and tone your muscles. They can also be used for general weight loss purpose by simply wearing them during your day to burn more calories. They are most effective for endurance training, running, weight training, toning or for weight loss. fastening Secure fit's nicely to keep stable while moving.
Manufacturer: KEMKET
SKU: AST10386
₹ 1,257.27
₹ 870.12
  • Improving Stability. Ideal aid for exercise, running, strength building. Heavy duty nylon outer casing
  • Fit to all sizes. Improving Stability, Conditioning & Toning. Perfect Home Workout Solution. Adjustable straps ensure a secure fit
  • Resistance Help boost stamina and endurance. Total pair weight 6 kg. Individual weight 3 kg
  • Great accessory for weight loss. Used for Walking, Running, Exercising
  • Adjustable to easily fit to wrist or ankle of any size for a comfortable fit. Sold in pair