Kemket Inversion Bench, Bench Workout Manual, Fitness Yoga Chair

When you combine the flexibility and muscle endurance of Yoga with the strength and muscle toning of resistance exercises, you get YOGACISE. Easily achieve relaxing yoga positions utilizing the Health Mark Yogacise. This yoga aid will help you achieve your goals of relieving vertebrae and disk compression, increasing blood flow, improving posture and increasing flexibility. Utilize the multi-positional toning straps and the front toning bars for a full body workout; everything from push-ups to biceps curls. A 'must have' piece of equipment for the yoga and fitness enthusiast, whether you use it at home or take it with you to the yoga studio. While there are several inferior models on the market with which to compare this unit to, care must be taken to ensure that you purchase a quality unit.There are areas in your life where it is wise save or conserve money. This is not the case when it comes to your health or your safety. When a company implements cost cutting measures during manufacturing of products, those measures will undoubtedly affect the structural integrity of the product, and transitively the safety of the user. There are certain intangibles that must be considered when purchasing any product which will position you in a free standing inverted position. For example the design dimensions which need to conform to proper body alignment in order to allow you to safely and easily get into position, the padded surfaces which require the proper form and thickness to adequately and safely support you while inverted, and the unit-to- floor contact surfaces which will prevent the unit from sliding while in use. These are all design implications taken into consideration with the Health Mark Yogacise, right down to the height specs of the handlebar and bench unit to ensure maximum ease for positioning and transitioning into an inverted pose. These little intangibles can have a tremendous impact on the effectiveness and safety of your workout.
Manufacturer: KEMKET
SKU: AST40023
  • Exceptional value with Instructional Manuals. Learn how to properly perform Pigeon, Teaser, Warriors, Side Plank, etc on the bench. Deeper stretch and enhanced resistance all in one chair.
  • Inversion therapy decompresses pressure on your spine to alleviate back pain. It improves cardiovascular functioning by reducing strain on the heart which normally works against gravity.
  • King of all asanas. No yoga practice is complete without a Headstand. One headstand a day keeps the doctor away
  • Transition from headstand to handstand: Headstand on the bench is similar to a tripod stand; you are relying on both arms to hold the inversion. Safety tip: do not perform handstand without properly forming a vertical shape on the bench. You must obtain enough core strength to prevent wrist/joints injuries.
  • Self-Locking Hooks for easy assembly and fold-away storage.