Leather Weightlifting Wrist Straps / packs pair for Weight Lifting Wrist Support

Kemet is proud to Work Out Gear, supplies and equipment for use at home, in the studio or on the road the best. Remembering stretch after each paced everyday life is a good way to reduce muscle fatigue and back pain, but be extra safe, why not try one of our supported wrist. Simply enter this wrist rest on your wrist for weightlifting. Not only are these belts ideal for weight lifting, they can also be worn while making other exercise
  • kemket Premium leather wrist saver with straps made of high quality 100% leather material and will last for years.
  • Is an extra grip and support the wrist during heavy lifts, ideal for weight lifting and many other exercises
  • 7.6 cm wide and 25.4 cm long (allows you wrap your wrist and provides optimum support).
  • How to put on your wrist: threaded long straps through slot in circulation. Tethers by pulling and for wrapping. Screws with metal buckles.
  • One size and sold as a pair.