Listerine Zero Mild Mint Mouthwash 1L

Listerine Zero Mouthwash Mild Mint – 1000ml Less intense and alcohol-free Listerine Zero has a less pronounced taste than original Listerine range. Used twice a day in addition to brushing, Listerine Zero offers a less intense taste but with Listerine effectiveness.
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Listerine Zero Mild Mint Mouthwash 1L

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Used twice daily, less intense Listerine® Zero™ mouthwash is proven to clean & protect your whole mouth: Contains fluoride to protect against cavities. Protects against germs that promote plaque. Protects against germs that cause bad breath. Strengthens tooth enamel even in hard-to-reach areas. Contains: sodium fluoride (0.050 % w/v 220 ppm F). ®trademark ©Johnson & Johnson (Pty) Ltd 2014. 0860 410032 (South Africa only). Sms jnj & comment to: +27 83 293 3273. E-mail: Listerine® is a registered trade mark.

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1 L

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