Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation - Creamy Ivory 40

Skin tone adapting foundation Colour Adapt™ Particles adapt to your individual skin tones to provide a flawless look that's perfectly you Beautifully evens out skin tone and blends away imperfections Oil-free Skin compatibility dermatologically tested and confirmed
Manufacturer: Max Factor
SKU: 805094
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Max Factor Colour Adapt is a liquid foundation that adapts to your individual skin tones. Your skin isn’t the same colour all over so why use a foundation that is. Colour adapt flatters and works with every shade of your face to create the most natural looking coverage. The secret? Clever colour adapting particles pick up and reflect the different pigments in your complexion to give a totally sheer look without masking your skin’s true radiance. Don’t mask your true colours. Match them.

Make Up Artist Tips:
1. Test foundation shades in stripes down your cheek and jawline. The ideal natural-look shade will disappear and look most like your skin.
2. Put a small amount on the back of your hand, then coat both sides of a foundation brush.
3. Apply small amounts in the centre of your face and blend outwards where needed.
4. Apply foundation on your eyelids and lips as a base for your shadow and lipstick.