Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour Lipstick - Spiritual 180

Hot must-have shades that last for up to 24 hours. Moisturising balm gives a smooth finish with luscious shine. New applicator for a defined, bold finish. Available in a range of 46 subtle to vibrant shades
Manufacturer: Max Factor
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The lipstick that gives you up to 12 hours long lasting lip colour. This revolutionary long lasting and colourful duo that creates smooth, sheer finishes that last up to 12 hours. Max Factor Lipfinity has a semi-permanent colour with a moisturising top coat there′s no need to re-apply even after drinking and eating throughout the day. It′s the lipstick that will stay put!
How to apply: Apply the colour lipstick, just enough to coat the lips. Leave it for a couple of minutes or when the lipstick has dried than apply the top coat for moisture and shine.