Nicorette Chewing Gum Icy White Gum 2mg 105 pieces

• Helps control cigarette cravings • For relief of nicotine withdrawal symptoms • Fresh-tasting way to stop smoking • Suitable for smokers of 20 cigarettes or less a day
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Product Description

Nicorette Icy White Gum 2mg helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms including cravings when trying to cut down cigarettes or quit smoking. It provides a safer and healthier alternative to smoking, to aid actively in controlling the urge of nicotine.

How it works

When you chew the gum, it releases nicotine into your body to help overcome the withdrawal symptoms and urge to smoke. Enriched with a great taste, this product lets you increase your chances of quitting smoking.

How to use:

To ensure that you receive the benefits from Nicorette, it is crucial to use the correct chewing technique:

  • Chew it slowly until the taste becomes strong.
  • Rest the gum between your teeth and cheek, once you get the taste. This will release nicotine, which is then absorbed by the lining of the mouth
  • Once the taste fades, start chewing again


Always read the label before consuming.