Niquitin Minis 1.5mg 20 Mint Lozenges

On-the-go craving relief when you feel the urge to smoke NiQuitin Minis Mint 4 mg Lozenges relieve cravings in minutes Dissolve fast in the mouth Pocket-friendly pack, by your side when you need them NiQuitin Minis Lozenges are small, flavoured nicotine lozenges. They help you to cut down at a pace that suits you, they relieve sudden cravings within 3 minutes.* *Only applies to NiQuitin Minis 4 mg Lozenges.
Manufacturer: Niquitin
SKU: 850996
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NiQuitin Minis Lozenges are great for helping you do something really worthwhile about your smoking. They come in a handy pocket-sized pack that can be taken anywhere so, instead of reaching for a cigarette like you usually would, you can be prepared to relieve your craving on the go. Which NiQuitin Minis product is most suitable for you?

  • If you smoke 20 cigarettes or less a day then the 1.5 mg NiQuitin Minis Lozenges is for you
  • If you smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day then go for the 4 mg NiQuitin Minis Lozenges