NiQuitin Pre-Quit 21mg 7 Patches

Eases you into your quit as it allows you to smoke as needed for 2-4 weeks until quit day May help make quitting easier by making smoking less rewarding PRE-QUIT followed by the step down patch programme is the most effective approach to quit using patches* *Smoke as needed while wearing a patch 2-4 weeks before quit day.
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If you smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day and you`ve struggled to leave cigarettes behind in the past, there`s a good reason to feel confident this time because NiQuitin PRE-QUIT presents a different approach. NiQuitin PRE-QUIT Patch lets you ease into quitting by allowing you to smoke as needed the first 2 – 4 weeks while wearing a patch before you give up all your cigarettes on quit day. By setting a quit date it allows you to prepare mentally whilst wearing a patch and continuing to smoke as needed, giving you a better chance of success compared to using a patch from quit day.

After the 2 - 4 weeks PRE-QUIT period you stop smoking completely and begin the NiQuitin step down patch programme.