Omega3 Orange Chewables 45Caps

Helps maintain healthy brain function with vitamins A, C, D and E Delicious fruit flavour High in Omega-3 DHA No hydrogenated fats Free from artificial preservatives
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We all want out little ones to shine in life! At Haliborange, we understand that during the first 12 years of a child's life, nutritional requirements are particularly high. That's why we've specially formulated our Omega- 3 Fruit bursts for kids aged between 3-12 years to help support health and well being. The chewy Orange fruit bursts taste delicious and provide vitamins A,C,D&E with high levels of essential Omega- 3 fatty acids which help support brain function.And because they are from Haliborange, you can trust that they are lovingly made for your little ones everyday needs!
Omega-3 DHA- Contributes to normal brain function
Vitamin A- Supports normal vision
Vitamin C- Supports the immune system
Vitamin D-Essential for normal growth and development for bones in children
Vitamin E-Protects cells from oxidative stress (an antioxidant)