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The primary purpose of Lifting Straps is to take away as much of the strain as possible from your hands and grip when trying to perform pull motions or any exercise where you are holding a weight against gravity. Whilst performing these pull exercises it is vital that grip does not become the limiting factor. With the issue of grip removed the weight can be held for much longer than would otherwise be possible. As a result more repetitions and sets can be carried out at a higher weight. This can improve your strength and muscle mass greatly.
This product has a minimum quantity of 10
  1. Features Elastic Thumb Loop for easy wrapping and Extended Length and width Velcro Closure Design for better durability and easy releasing
  2. Heavy duty stitching made with combination of cotton making them strong and sturdy and comfortable.
  3. Features Elastic Thumb Loop and Extended Length Velcro Closure.
  4. Excellent quality, and very comfortable.
  5. Authentic Wrist wraps perfect for supporting your wrist while power lifting, dead lifts, or during squats.