Salad Dressing and Seasoning 5 pcs Glass Set

1. Before using the stainless steel eating utensils, to be washed several times with boiling water to pasteurized. 2. To avoid tipping, falling, collision and impact strength, otherwise it will cause deformation of stainless steel products, affect the appearance and use of effects. 3. Do not far a long time with soy sauce, vinegar contain substances (or other acid substances) contact of salt to prevent rust of stainless steel products. 4. The inside of the stainless steel containers are sometimes contained in the material in full bloom and produce some red rust points due to the influence of iron and other substances, could fully cleaned by vinegar diluted with warm water soak for thirty minutes. 5. Stainless steel utensils appropriate to a soft cloth and warm water with diluted detergent to clean. Do not use alkaline bleach, metal scouring pads, wipes and other chemical. 6. In order to prevent the generation of odor or stains, and could use for a long time, stainless steel utensils after used, please clean and dry it fully. 7. To avoid burns, do not touch the stainless steel utensils directly after they heated by high temperature. 8. Washing it by damp cloth. Hand wash only
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  • Material: Plastic Base Bottom Bracket + Stainless Steel and Plastic Handle + Food Grade PP Caps +Thick Quality Glass Containers
  • Product size: (big bottle) 16cm/6.3inch(H) Diameter: 4.5cm/1.77inch (small bottle) 9.5cm/3.94inch(H) Diameter: 3cm/1.18inch; Total Weught: 749g
  • Placed in a stainless steel stand, the two tall cruet bottles can be used to pour liquid seasonings such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soya sauce and others, and the two shorter shakers can be used to sprinkle salt, pepper, chili flakes, oregano and other condiments.
  • A lovely way to serve oil & vinegar, soy sauce - or anything that can be poured
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1. Elegant stainless steel and glass condiment dispensers

2. Comes with 2 large sauce cruets, 2 little condiment cruets and a stand

3. A lovely way to serve oil & vinegar, soy sauce - or anything that can be poured

4. Attractive and easy to fill, also cleans easily

5. Pours easily with no leaking

6. A must item for kitchen in our modern life