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CRUSH YOUR MUSCLE PAIN FAST - wherever you feel it. Loosen off tight muscles, release tension and soreness: get fast, deep relief in your lower and upper back, neck, legs, ITB, quads, hamstrings, debts & shoulders. Feel the difference in less than 60 seconds pain-relieving exercises and stretches. WORKOUT HARDER, RECOVER FASTER: Use pre-workout to release toxins in your muscles to enable you to exercise harder. ACCELERATE RECOVERY post workout - sooth your aching muscles, roll out niggles & speed-up injury rehab. GET THE FASTEST RESULTS FROM THE EXTRA-STRONG CORE. gym-quality indestructible-Core to you an intense, firm, killer massage when you need it most. This is a multi-product listing. Choose either our 15cm diameter textured trigger point roller in a choice of 4 colors or choose our 10cm diameter, firm, solid core, plain foam roller. The Kemket foam roller features 3 zones with different patterned grooves allowing for more targeted massage. Can be used in multiple ways from sports massage, and muscle rehabilitation, to a full core body workout An essential tool for all types of athletes. Use The Grid to Achieve a Comprehensive Core Body Workout. Unique Design Allows for Targeted Massage. The Grid is the Most Versatile and Comprehensive Foam Roller and Workout Tool Available Size : 32 cm x 45 cm
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The Kemke fitness trigger point EVA foam roller is a versatile piece of kit. It can be used in multiple ways from sports massage, and muscle rehabilitation, to a full core body workout. The Kemket fitness trigger point roller can also be used for a total core body workout. See our handy workout guide for some ideas on what can be done with this fantastic bit of kit. Designed for all types of people, and all types of uses. STATS Measuring 34cm in length and 14cm in diameter. Constructed from EVA foam with a hardened plastic inner tube. It is extra-rigid so you enjoy an extra firm physio self massage where you need it most - loosen tight muscles and relieve aches and pain in your upper and lower back, hamstrings, runners knee, calf muscles, itb - any muscles in your body. Take it anywhere - it's extremely light and portable - it fits easily into any gym bag or travel case. Enjoy a pain-relieving trigger point massage wherever you go and whatever you're into - running, cross fit, cycling, boxing - any sport. Here are just a few of our genuine reviews: * It's an intense massage that helps loosen up muscles before a run and relax them afterwards. It's also helping relax my sore hamstring. Simple idea with great results. Highly recommended! * Brilliant for warming up or down before exercise and good at targeting areas that are a bit sore. Its pretty rigid and gets into the muscle much better than the softer foam rollers. * Your muscles really know they are being worked on - This is a great piece of kit. Unlike a "smooth" roller, the shape of this means that you really feel this roller getting to work on the muscles. Whether it be the hamstrings or the calf muscles, you will notice the difference.