Selfie Stick Telescopic With Bluetooth Wireless Remote for Smartphone iphone and sumsung pink

This selfie stick Bluetooth package is an all in one handheld, extendable monopod selfie stick with Bluetooth remote shutter and adjustable smartphone adapter. The handheld monopod also fits any camera with a standard 1/4 inch mounting point, supporting a weight of up to 500 grams. The telescopic monopod is fully extendable, reaching out to a massive 100cm in length! This allows you to get a great group selfie photo with tons of space for your surroundings. The adjustable smartphone adapter extends up to around 77mm.
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  • Handheld telescopic selfie stick suitable for most mobile devices
  • The adjustable phone adapter fits all phones with widths less than 8.5 cm.
  • The Selfie Stick can be extended from 18cm to 109cm in length.
  • Includes a soft interior to ensure it doesn’t scratch your mobile phone.
  • Can also hold cameras with 1/4 inch screw.
  • Adjustable angles through the ball head and thumb screw allowing for 180 degree rotation.


1 x Monopod Selfie Stick
1 x Adjustable Mobile Phone Holder
1 x Bluetooth AB Shutter 3

AB Shutter Compatibility List:
iPhone 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4
iPad3/2, for iPad Mini
iPad with Retina Display
iPod Touch 4th generation or newer
Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5
Note1, Note2, Note3

Compatible with all other IOS & Android devices using Android OS 4.0 and iOS 6.0 .

User Manual 
1.Press the power button, LED light flashes; 
2.After switch on, then press the Bluetooth pairing button until the LED flash slowly, this means it is in bluetooth searching or pairing; 
3.Use mobile phone for pairing, when it is successful, the LED will extinguish; 
4.Press the corresponding key for mobile phone system configuration, LED will be flashed after the configuration is completed, then it can be used normally. 
5. It will enter into the sleep mode automatically without using for 5 minutes. Please press the power button to turn off the self-timer, to ensure the battery can be used for a long time. 
6.Use PC device or mobile phone power adapter to charger the product, charging LED long bright, saturated LED will extinguish;

Note: If your phone can not use this well, please download a software "Camera360", then open the camera settings of the software ,set the function of volume keys to taking Photographs.

Products Include:

-1x Monopod

-1x mobile clip

-1x bluetooth remote control (Battery included)