USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Premium Quality Super Speed Extension Cable Extender Lead golden head (3 Meter)

Kemket USB A Male to A Female Extension Cable :- USB is the most popular way to connect a wide variety of the latest high speed peripheral devices such as printers and external hard drives to computers or laptops. The USB standard supports transfer rates when used with these products. Extend and Connect :- The USB A Male end will typically go into your computer or laptop with the USB A Female end connecting to another USB cable. The most common use is to increase the length of a connection. A useful use if your computer is tucked away, is to have the cable permanently plugged in and feed the cable to an accessible spot. From here you can easily connect USB drives, hard drives, and other peripherals without bending and stretching to connect the device at the back of your machine! Specifications & Features :- •USB A Male to USB A Female Connectors
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  • Kemket USB Cable (A Male to A Female) USB - SuperSpeed USB Extension Cable
  • Premium shielded twisted pair construction, Plug and Play functionality for printers, scanners, keyboards and other digital devices
  • Simply plug your existing USB cable into the female end of this extension cable and you are ready to go - Everything just works!
  • Our USB cables are built to the highest standards and as such are strong, durable and ensure optimal performance
  • USB Type A male to Type A female, Transfer rates up to 480 Mbps