Vitabiotics Wellman 70+ 30 Tabs

Joints And Skin. Brain And Emotional Balance. Healthy eyes & vision Involved in converting food substances into usable energy.
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Even Greater Support For Men With Omega 3?6?9 The Advanced Wellman Plus Omega 3.6.9 Formula Contains All The Comprehensive Nutritional Benefits Of Wellman Original, Plus The Added Benefits Of Omega 3.6.9. These Efa'S (Essential Fatty Acids) Are Sourced From Blackcurrant & Pumpkin Seed Oils, Omega-3 Fish Oil And Olive Oil, For All Round Health, Vitality And Energy Release, In A Handy Dual Pack. This Premium Wellman Formula Is Designed For Men Who Lead Hectic Lives, With Work, Sports And Social Commitments, Yet Still Need To Look Good, Maintain General Health & Vitality And Perform At Their Very Best Every Day. Each 3-In-1 Capsule Provides Oils Specially Selected For Men: ? Omega-3: Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil Providing High Purity Omega 3. ? Omega-6: Blackcurrant Seed Oil, And Pumpkin Seed Oil For All Round Health And Of Special Relevance To Men. ? Omega-9: From Olive Oil (European Pharmacopoeia Quality Grade), Well Known For Its Contribution To Health. Wellman Plus Omega- 3,6,9 Includes Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oils, Designed To Meet The Highest Quality And Purity Standards. The Omega-3 Oils Found In Wellman Plus Contain A Rich Source Of Dha (Docosahexaenoic Acid) And Epa (Eicosapentaenoic Acid). Epa And Dha Are Classed As Essential Fatty Acids Because They Cannot Be Made By The Body And Must Be Obtained Through The Diet. Efa Source In Wellman Plus Role In The Body Especially Beneficial For: Omega-3 Omega-3 Fish Oil - Healthy Heart, Blood Pressure And Blood Lipid Levels. Omega-6 Blackcurrant Seed Oil - Maintaining Normal Cholesterol Levels. - Good Source Of Favorable Plant Sterols Which Benefit Male Reproductive Health. - Maintain A Healthy Prostate. Pumpkin Seed Oil Omega-9 Olive Oil (Ep Grade) - To Help Maintain A Healthy Heart And Cholesterol Levels. - Maintain Healthy Immune System. - Involved In Converting Food Substances Into Usable Energy.