Super Wernets Denture Fixative Powder 50g

• Strong, long lasting hold. • Helps in preventing annoying bits of food from collecting under your plate. • Recommended by dentists. • Very subtle mint flavor.
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Product Description

Wernets Denture Fixative Powder Super Large is an effective and highly recommended denture adhesive powder for the past 25 years or more. It is a blend of two distinctive denture adhesive ingredients; one is to hold the dentures in place, the other for providing a comfortable and secure cushioning for the dentures. Wernets Denture fixative powder is said to deliver an enduring and far stronger grip for boosting your confidence and control. This is a specially formulated product by dental experts and is designed to prevent food particles from getting stuck under your plate.


Sprinkle the powder evenly and carefully onto the plate so that the denture is held firmly all day and the food particles are completely sealed out. Always read labels carefully before usimg the product. 

How to Use

Start by cleaning the dentures thoroughly and rinsing properly. You must remember to sprinkle the powder evenly and lightly from the dispenser onto the plate, while the dentures are sufficiently moist. You may then insert the denture and press pretty firmly for a few seconds to put it in place. You must wait for quite some time, may be several minutes, before starting to eat or drink. You may get the dentures removed quite easily whenever necessary. Remove any remnants of the fixative from the denture by simply wiping off with a clean cloth and then you must brush with lukewarm water.


Poly (Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid), Cellulose Gum, Sodium-Calcium (Mixed Partial Salt), Aroma