Wham-O Squishy Sand Incredibly Soft & Moldable Sand

This brightly coloured wooden giraffe abacus is a great first 'calculator' for children to learn counting, patterns, colours and more. It's high quality wood frame has colourful beads that slide smoothly back and forth on it's 7 metal bars, with each row offering a different colour. What makes this abacus different, is that on the other side, it has revolving cubes with numbers and pictures and a loop with shapes that can be moved around. Providing hours of fun, teach your child counting, as well as helping to develop hand-eye coordination.
  • Wooden Giraffe frame with metal sliding rails
  • Will teach children counting, adding, subtraction and colour and pattern recognition
  • Bright coloured wooden beads, revolving cubes & loop
  • A timeless traditional toy!
  • product size : 22*22*15.5cm.
  • product weight : 1.04KG.
  • product materials : high-grade wood, environmental water-based paint.