Wisdom Clean Between Interdental Brushes x 20 Brushes

• Easy to use soft rubber • Wire free • Gentle but effective interdental cleaning • Easier than flossing • Give gentle yet effective interdental cleaning whilst helping to minimise gum trauma
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Clean Between Brushes

Soft and gentle interdental cleaning

Wisdom Clean Between brushes are a great solution for cleaning between the teeth, especially if you have previously found flossing difficult. The tapered design allows the brush to slide easily between teeth whilst the soft rubber coating makes them gentle on gums.
As they are wire free Clean Between brushes are also ideal for cleaning around orthodontic appliances, implants, metal fillings and crowns.

Available in fine, medium and large sizes to suit different gap sizes.

Key features
Soft rubber filaments for gentle cleaning and effective removal of plaque and food particles
Thin, tapered design for easy access to small spaces
Convenient, disposable design

  • 20 brushes per pack

  • Wire free

  • Disposable

  • Available in three sizes to suit different gaps