Wisdom Regular Fresh Medium Toothbrush x 2

• Fresh feeling for teeth and tongue! • Removing bacteria from your teeth and tongue is important if you want to maintain good oral health and a fresh feeling mouth. • Easy grip handle design for better brushing control. • New Regular Fresh is designed with a built-in tongue cleaner to help keep your breath fresh, whilst the multi-level filament design ensures your teeth and gums are thoroughly clean
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Regular Fresh Toothbrush

Fresh feeling for teeth and tongue

A total mouth cleaning brush. Multi-level filaments for thorough cleaning and a tongue cleaner built in to the back of the head to remove bacteria and help keep breath fresh

Key features
Multi-level filaments for thorough cleaning of teeth and gums
Rubber tongue cleaner to remove bacteria for clean and fresh breath
Long reach tip to reach back teeth
Easy grip handle for better brushing control

  • Plaque removal

  • Helps maintain healthy gums

  • Helps freshen breath