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Kemket Notebook file folder/ Daily Notebook / Presentation Folder / Personal Notebook Case / Organiser with Notepad Conference Folder with Calculator / Notepad Business Card / Pen Holder (CT-811 Red)

You will always be well-prepared with this Notebook File folder from the Kemket: The Notebook format provides plenty of space for notes, with lined pages waiting to be filled.
  • This notebook is design pure and simple for your notes. Reduced to the essentials when it comes to appearance, the book stands for clarity from start to finish.
  • The high-quality jacket is bound to impress, its special structure making it pleasant to the touch.
  • It is perfect for any business situation - in meetings, on business trips or in the office. Its design and superb workmanship with a high level of functionality.
  • Kemket Notebook For The personal directory, page numbering, Pen loop, quick pocket and archive pocket with card slots all help to organise your notes efficiently.
  • As an additional extra, turning the notebook into a note pad. • Personal directory • Pen loop to hold a pen or pencil • Page numbering allows you to find your notes quickly • Archive pocket with a practical card slot for slips of paper, business cards, etc.
  • Brand: Kemket
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    • This Kemket Notebook stands for: the best design, outstanding quality and high functionality. The high-quality, hard-wearing Softwave surface is what gives the rigid hardcover notebook its very special surface feel.
    • What happens if you're out of the office though & need to make an appointment? Well, there are many ways of doing so. You can always phone a colleague - any colleague or email. Even better though if you can simply dial into your office diary & make an appointment for yourself.
    • You never really feel alone as your diary is always with you, to understand your feelings; a part of your life...where you can pour all your feelings without being judged.
    • Writing reminds you of your dreams and keeps you moving toward them. It is a means of keeping track of your purpose and the goals that will lead you to fulfilling them. Reviewing what you have written is a perfect way to see your progress and to reveal when you have been distracted and may need to refocus.
    • Someday, say, you want to make your diary go public (considering that you are sure of the extent to which you want to expose your personal life) either directly publishing its contents or writing a book based on your life, your diary will be of great help. It makes you re-live your past and helps you express better.
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