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A Look At 10 Amazing Benefits Of Regular Physical Exercise

benefits of physical exercise

Many people in the UK are becoming more and more health conscious, with some involved in physical activities such as jogging, dancing, running, swimming, and walking. This shows how much individuals have come to appreciate the importance of exercise to their health. If you are looking to boost your mental health, manage weight, lessen the risk of chronic diseases, or upgrade your ability to do daily activities, then consider physical activities. 

That being said, to gain some health benefits of exercise, avoid lying idle and practise moderate-to-vigorous physical activity. The good thing is that there are no limitations for anyone to enjoy the health benefits of physical exercise, so do not worry about your abilities, shape, size, or age.  To help you understand, in this blog, we have a look at 10  benefits of physical activity.

1. Exercise helps in Weight Management

One of the top benefits of physical activity is that it aids in weight management. Individuals can attain weight loss or maintain their desired weight by combining regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Also, regular physical exercise can help increase caloric output, and this promotes the total daily energy expenditure.

2. Promote Muscle And Bone Health

Another importance of physical activity is that it helps the body stay physically stronger, as it promotes bone and muscle strength. Having healthy and strong muscles or bones means the body will have improved balance and stability, reducing your risk of falls. Also, regular physical activity is beneficial to how we handle our day-to-day tasks. This is why it is advisable to ensure that your body’s bones and muscles remain functionally healthy by practising holistic strength training.

3. Relieve From Chronic Pains

Regular physical exercise can be beneficial to individuals as it offers rehabilitation for chronic pains including neck, joint and lower back pain. Making sure that you practise the correct exercise routine can be a great relief for stubborn chronic pains. It is advisable to always consult professionals to recommend the right training routine before you begin exercising.

4. Protection Against Chronic Diseases

Another advantage of regular physical exercise is that it helps protect your body against chronic diseases, as it assists in maintaining your blood sugar and insulin levels. Reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases, means that you will be avoiding obesity-related diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

5. Exercise Creates Social Connection

Regular physical exercising with family, friends or as a group is beneficial as it helps create social bonds, allowing different people to connect. The social connection created means that you will be feeling loved, cared for, and valued, resulting in aiding to longer lifespan, boosting mental health, and improving the overall quality of life.

6. Aid in Muscles Ageing Well

It is believed that muscle mass declines as we grow older or due to a lack of physical activity. In some cases, health conditions such as chronic pains may also cause muscular atrophy. This is why ageing individuals can benefit from physical exercise such as strength training. Also, maintaining muscle mass through physical exercise can help burn calories, and it is a key to strength and balance.

7. Boost Energy Levels

Participating in well-structured regular physical exercise sessions is beneficial as it helps to boost energy levels. This is because, after the session, the body will be more energised due to the release of endorphins in the brain. Also, it helps to handle fatigue and stay more focused. Especially for individuals suffering from chronic conditions or fatigue, regular physical training can help minimise fatigue levels and lower back discomfort.

8. Improvements in Mood

Another benefit of physical exercise along with boosting energy levels is that it helps improve your mood, meaning it makes you feel happier. This is because exercise plays a role in increasing different measures of self-esteem and confidence, positively affecting the endorphins hormones responsible for your mood. 

9. Better Sleep Quality

Another amazing mental benefit of exercise is that it helps improve how you sleep at night. As you will tired from training before bedtime, it will be easy to fight insomnia and sleep better at night. Also, your body and mind will be feeling relaxed, and the stress-relieving effect of exercise will help you fall asleep easily.

10.  Exercise Helps Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Last but not least, another physical exercise benefit for mental health is that it helps reduce the risk of developing anxiety and depression. Mental well-being is important, so participating in physical activity can be key to minimising the neurological reaction to stress that causes anxiety. Physical exercise also improves the neurotrophic levels, meaning you will be in more control of how your emotions function.

Wrapping Up 

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of physical exercise, the surprising thing about physical activity is that it is fun. This is because once you find joy in doing the exercise, it will not be a burden any more, rather you will want to do it even more. Not only gym enthusiasts and athletes will enjoy these benefits, but anyone willing to practise regular exercise, whether you are old or young. Also, it is advisable to have the right fitness accessories and professional guidance if you are looking to maximise the health benefits in just one exercise session.

3 Healthy Benefits Of Using Kemket Inversion Table Regularly

While a lot of people, especially the elderly, complain of chronic back pain, yoga instructors and physicians advise the use of inversion tables regularly for noticeable health benefits to their lives. This is because these back pain relief exercise machines help to stretch and release tension from muscles around the spine. With different back pain relief exercise machines available online, here at Astir Care, we have the best and most affordable solution to your inversion therapy.

The Kemket inversion table is an upgrade to the inversion therapy exercises as it can offer pain relief, increased flexibility, reduced stress, and improved blood circulation. To help you have an insight into this practical and easy-to-use product, here are the healthy benefits of using the Kemket Inversion table regularly.  

1 Improve the health of the spine

One of the primary healthy benefits of using the Kemket Inversion table regularly is that it helps to improve the health of the spine. Mostly,  people experience back pain due to wrong spine alignment caused by not sticking to a neutral posture for a long time. Similar to gentle massage and light manipulation of the spine, techniques used by therapists to relieve compression in the spine: inversion therapy carefully inverts the body downward, promoting gentle stretching from gravity’s pull.

2. Reduce Stress

Another healthy benefit of using the Kemket inversion table regularly is that it helps to reduce stress. This is because inverted positions can help to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is opposite to the sympathetic nervous system. Also, being in a naturally soothing position puts the body into a more restful state, especially after experiencing an active sympathetic nervous system.

This is why it is advisable to invert your body, as it may help you regain control over your stress and calm your nerves.

3. Improve mobility

Although back pains make it difficult for people to indulge in physical activity, physicians recommend light and consistent physical activity for back pain. This is because lack of it may cause the back pain to worsen or decrease mobility. For this reason, professional physicians encourage inversion therapy together with exercise to improve mobility.

With the help of our easy-to-use Kemket inversion table, you can achieve greater flexion and lumbar flexibility by stretching the spines, resulting in improved mobility and loosening up tight low back muscles.

Inversion therapy at home

If you are interested in enjoying the aforementioned benefits and want to regularly have inversion therapy at home, then investing in your Kemket inversion table may be a great option. Our high-quality back pain relief exercise machines are generally safe to use provided your health is in good condition.

For those with high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma, consider consulting your doctor first or use an inversion table with the supervision of a physician. To have an affordable solution to connect with your body and learn more about what helps relieve your back pain symptoms, consider buying our  Kemket Inversion Table at


Reasons To Buy KEMKET Multiple Exercise Machines For Your Home GYM

Apart from trying to beat the busy traffic, finding time to head to a gym and get a great workout session can be challenging for some fitness enthusiasts. This is why here at Astir Care we keep on saying that you can still get your workouts done at your own time and pace. With our range of Kemket multiple exercise machines, originally designed to be used by professional bodybuilders and beginners, this equipment for home workout offer functionality and versatility.

Whether you are looking for a premium quality Fully Adjustable Folding Workout Bench or Multi-functional Exercise Ab Bench, we have a range of multi-gym equipment for your home workouts. To help you understand, here are reasons to buy Kemket multiple exercise machines for your home gym. 

  • Perform a range of workouts

Our multiple exercise machines will enable you to perform a range of different types of workouts for every major muscle group. These multi-gym types of equipment can easily help you train your chest, back, shoulders, biceps, abs, and legs. Such as our Kemket 6 in1 Multi-functional Exercise Ab Bench that comes equipped with pulleys and chin-ups to ensure that you have a complete body workout.

  • Portable 

One of the top reasons to buy our Kemket multiple exercise machines is that they are portable enough not to occupy a lot of space in your home. This is because these pieces of equipment are ideally designed to fit in any small corners. Apart from being substantial when it comes to weight, length, and height, our multi-gym machines can be set up in any corner of your room or garage.

  • High-quality and durable

Kemket multiple exercise machines are high-quality equipment that is designed to be durable. While these multi-gym machines will help you keep your body healthy, they are a cost-effective investment as you do not need to worry about maintenance and upkeep costs. All you have to do is to correctly use the machine and clean it regularly.

  • Ideal for body recomposition

Lastly, our Kemket multiple exercise machines are ideal for body recomposition as they are designed for strength training. They feature weight stacks and a pulley system that provides weighted resistance, making them perfect for muscle building. This helps you perform consistent workouts, resulting in increased resistance and better results. Also, our multiple exercise machines can accelerate weight loss as they enable you to perform different workouts to help you burn calories. 

Contact us for affordable Multiple Exercise Machines

If you find the above-listed reasons to be beneficial, then you agree that owning your multiple exercise machines may be a smart investment. Especially, if you buy Kemket’s high-quality multi-gym equipment for home workouts, you will save money in the long run because it will last a lifetime. Avoid paying for an expensive yearly gym membership plan by investing in affordable Kemket multi-gym equipment and stay in shape and be healthy in the comforts of your own home. 

For more information, contact our customer service at 0121-2709424 or check our product line at

A Look At Effective Quit Smoking Products to Buy Online

Quitting smoking may be a challenging task as cigarettes contain nicotine which is a highly addictive substance, making it difficult to give up cigarettes. However, there are many products online to help you stop smoking, here at Astir Care we feature some smoking cessation aids to help people kick the habit for good. Our range of smoking cessation support products comes in various forms, including nicotine replacement therapies, and they are effective and affordable. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we have a look at effective quit-smoking products to buy online.

The nicotine patch

One of the common stop-smoking products online is the nicotine patch, which is a small, self-adhesive patch that releases an amount of nicotine slowly and steadily into the body through the skin. The patch can be applied every day on a hairless area of skin, whether on your upper arm or chest. Also, the nicotine patch is available in various doses, and you can easily buy it without a prescription. Apart from being easy to use, the patch can control nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms for 24 hours.

Nicotine gum and lozenges

Another stop-smoking product available online is nicotine gum and lozenges, available in strengths of 2 mg and 4 mg and can be bought without a prescription. A dose of 4 mg can help you gradually reduce nicotine intake over 8–12 weeks until you are able to stop completely. Nicotine gum and lozenges release nicotine into the body through chewing or sucking, resulting in easing cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine spray and inhaler

Last but not least, other effective quit-smoking products online are nicotine nasal sprays and inhalers that offer a quick-acting solution to use when they feel the urge to smoke. While nicotine sprays come in a pump bottle that is easy to spray up the nose, the nicotine inhaler is a plastic cylinder that features a mouthpiece containing a cartridge filled with nicotine. Nicotine inhalers are considered to be a better option compared to other options as they replicate the hand-to-mouth motion of smoking cigarettes.

Summing Up

The aforementioned are some effective quit-smoking products you can consider buying online. Here at Astir Care, we feature a huge selection of high-quality and effective products to stop smoking, all from top brands such as Nicorette, Nicotinell, and Niquitin. If you are looking for an affordable way to stop smoking, check out our curated collection of quit-smoking products at We are happy to hear from you, feel free to call us at 0121-2709424 or send an email at

Reasons to Add Vitamins And Supplements to Your Diet

Nowadays, it can be challenging to obtain enough nutrients required by the body from the food we eat, especially with busy lifestyles and most food manufacturers processing food. The body requires a certain amount of minerals and vitamins to properly function, and individuals have a recommended daily amount of all essential vitamins. This is why it is important to buy high-quality vitamins and supplements, whether it is pills or powder, to help support bodily functions such as skin integrity and collagen.

Astir Care understands the importance of a healthy diet, this is why we offer a wide range of vitamins and supplements to complement the food you eat. From vitamin A to E, minerals to multivitamins and speciality supplements, our collection has it all. To help you understand the importance of vitamins and supplements, here are reasons to add vitamins and supplements to your diet. 

Improve your skin and hair health

One of the benefits of adding vitamins and supplements to your diet is that it helps improve your hair and skin health, especially for those struggling with eczema, dry skin, or acne. There is a wide range of vitamins specifically made to help reduce such problems, you can find vitamins E, A, and C in our collection. Also, vitamins B3 and C help you deal with split ends or thinning hair, resulting in fuller hair.

Improve your Metabolism

Apart from having a healthy diet and staying physically active, another reason to add vitamins and supplements such as B vitamins-riboflavin, thiamin, B6, B12, biotin, and folate to your diet can help maintain a healthy metabolism. This is because the vitamins collaborate with some enzymes in the human body to metabolize energy from fats, carbohydrates, and protein, which are essential factors for overall health and healthy ageing.

Assist your Nutritional Bases

While you may do your best to eat healthily, it may be challenging to get all the nutrients from food alone. This is why it is another reason to add vitamins and supplements to your diet regularly, as it can help you meet regular daily requirements for all the essential minerals and vitamins.

Summing Up

Adding vitamins and supplements to your diet can do great things for your health and overall well-being. Apart from helping you complement the nutrients you get from your food, effective vitamins and supplements can help you achieve your wellness and health goals. Whether you are looking for multivitamins or speciality supplements, Astir Care offers a wide range of vitamins and supplements for men, women, and children of all ages. Check our curated catalogue at and remember to buy the right product that you can combine with a healthy balanced diet.

Benefits Of Buying Discounted Products During The Summer Sale

Shopping online is a great way to find your favourite products at discounted prices. With many online platforms offering offers and promotions, it is important to buy immediately to avoid losing the opportunity to save big and get great items. Online shopping is becoming a global trend day by day, with everybody on the lookout to grab their favourite stuff whenever a sale is announced.

While some sales happen generally during festivals or special occasions, at Astir Care, we are offering customers the advantage to grab the best-discounted products with our affordable summer sale coupon. We have summer saving deals on health products, beauty and cosmetics and wellness products. Continuing on the subject, in this blog, we share the benefits of buying discounted products during the summer sale. 

Cost-effective option

We understand that saving more money is one of the main benefits why customers consider buying any product during the summer sale, whether it is online or offline. This is why we are offering this special coupon, ranging from 5% to 40%, and it is an attractive offer to get all your summer essentials. Our coupon is a cost-effective option as it helps you save money that can be used for other purposes.

Buy More

During summer, people tend to require more essentials to take them through the scorching sun, but the issue is money to spend. So during our summer sales, there is a chance for customers to do their shopping at their budgeted price range, enabling them to buy more. While they can buy more, customers also save money, which can be used to purchase more essential products. With our coupon,  it is possible to get two or three products for the price of one. Buy summer items for the whole family within a limited budget, it is time to buy more products in a cost-effective way.

A range of options

Last but not least, our summer sale season is like a celebration as we are catering for customers of all ages. Astir Care is providing a summer sale coupon that can be used only for products in the Summer Sale Category-featuring a wide range of products in various categories to fulfil the demands of customers. We want our customers to find it easy to pick and choose their favourite summer products and find the most suitable and appropriate items to take them through summer. Enhance your lifestyle and save money in the process by browsing through our curated collection of summer sale products.

Take Advantage Of Our “SUMMERSALE” Coupon

Getting instant discounts using our promo code or coupon (SUMMERSALE) is one of the biggest benefits of buying at Astir Care website We are always looking for cost-effective ways for our customers to buy, this is why we provide this special discount on selected products that they will be happy to buy from our site. Feel free to browse through our curated collection of affordable summer sale products from different categories. To find out if your favourite product is on sale, visit our website on the link above or call our customer service team at 0121-2709424.


4 Reasons Why BPA-Free Feeding Bottles Are Safe For Babies

Whether it is milk formula or baby bottles, parents always want the best for their little ones when it comes to baby feeding products. If you are in the market for high-quality baby care products, in particular, baby bottles, parents need to choose carefully as it is an essential item for their baby's safety and health. Here at Astir Care, we know that parents are concerned about the safety of plastic bottles that may contain Bisphenol-A (BPA), a chemical that may affect babies' health. This is why our platform features a wide selection of BPA-free feeding bottles from reputable brands such as NUK to ensure that your babies are safe. To help you understand, in this blog, we share the four reasons why BPA-free feeding bottles are safe for babies.


  • Made of safer materials

One of the reasons why BPA-free feeding bottles are safe for babies is that they are made of materials such as polypropylene or polyamide. These materials are regarded as safe as they are known to be free of harmful chemicals that may affect the baby's milk or formula. Also, these feeding bottles are durable, dishwasher safe and can handle high temperatures, meaning that you can sterilize them without any issues.

  • Less likely to break

Another reason why BPA-free feeding bottles are safe for babies is that they are less likely to break compared to glass, which can shatter and cause injury. BPA-free feeding bottles are lighter, meaning that they will be easy for both you and your baby to handle. Also, this makes BPA-free bottles a great option for babies who are just learning to hold their own bottles.

  • Easy to clean

Compared to other options, BPA-free bottles are easier to clean and sterilize. Parents can easily clean the BPA-free bottles in a dishwasher or by hand, and they do not have to worry about issues such as staining that other options may have. As a result, BPA-free feeding bottles are a more hygienic option for babies.

  • Cost-effective

Lastly, BPA-free feeding bottles are widely available online, and they are a cost-effective and accessible option for all parents. Apart from being affordable, BPA-free bottles are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs, so it is easy to find the one that best suits your baby's needs. As a result, parents do not have to compromise on their baby's safety or health due to limited budgets.


Visit Astir Care For affordable Baby Feeding Products

If you are in the market for BPA-free feeding bottles that are safe for your baby, then your search ends here. Astir Care offer parents worry-free feeding solutions, we feature a curated collection of baby care products including baby bottles made of safer material at affordable prices. Ensure your baby’s health and safety by browsing through our website at or call our friendly customer service team at +44-121-2709424, and they will get back to you immediately.

3 Different Types Of Home Gym Equipment Available At Astircare

If you are tired of waiting for long to use equipment at a public gym, consider buying superior quality home workout equipment. This is because it can be a smart investment that can enable you to achieve your fitness goals without stepping out of your own home. In the UK, Astir Care is one of the leading online platforms offering a wide selection of top-quality home gym equipment. We are home to some modern and sturdy gym equipment specifically designed for home use. If you are looking for an affordable way to shade some weight, improve your endurance, or simply stay healthy, consider our top brand, “Kemket”, for the best home workout equipment on the market. To help you narrow down your options, in this blog, we share the three different types of home gym equipment available at Astir Care. Read on!

1. Dumbbells 

One of the common pieces of home gym equipment is the dumbbell, used for various exercises such as chest presses, bicep curls, shoulder presses, and tricep extensions. Astir Care offers a wide selection of sturdy and high-quality dumbbells from reputable brands including Kemket, all coming in various sizes and weights. Not only are they made from high-quality, material, but our dumbbells can also be adjusted, used individually or in pairs, making it easy for you to customize your workouts.

2. Kettlebells

If you are looking to improve the way you handle swings, squats, deadlifts, and lunges exercises, consider buying kettlebells. Regarded as another commonly used piece of home gym equipment, our compact kettlebells come in different weights and sizes, ranging from 4 kg to 12 kg. Whether you want to build your strength or improve balance, these Kemket kettlebells are equipped with easy-grip handles, a durable outer case, and an anti-slip base.

3. Exercise machines

If you are looking to burn calories or handle a low-impact cardiovascular workout, then consider our range of exercise machines. Our unmatched inventory of exercise machines includes an inversion bench, an Inversion table back therapy fitness reflexology equipment, and a six-pack care multifunctional 6 in 1 bench.  Apart from being user-friendly and easy to operate, our affordable exercise machines are durable and easy to install, and they are from Kemket, one of the top brands in the UK.

Contact us today for the best home workout equipment 

The above-listed are some of the different types of home gym equipment available at Astir Care. Depending on your fitness goals, you can start building your home gym without breaking the bank. With our affordable and top-quality gym equipment, homeowners can trust Astir Care to help them achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. So feel free to browse our selection at or call our knowledgeable service team at +44 121 270 9424.