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Dental Floss

Say Goodbye to Plaque With Our Dental Floss Products
While a high-quality toothbrush can clean visible parts of the tooth, it may only reach about 70 per cent of the total tooth area. This is why it is necessary to use dental floss, as it helps you clean below the gum line.

We understand that discipline flossing takes practice, so here at Astir Care, we offer affordable yet high-quality dental floss from reputable brands. Clean between your teeth with our dental floss products from brands such as Oral-B.

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Oral B Satin Tape 25 Metres Mint

• Flossing action for a fresh clean feeling • Burst of freshness • A wide tape with a satin-like texture • Comfort grip • Smooth, oval design for easy insertion between teeth, easy to grip even when wet

Denture Bath Box Cases Dental False Teeth Sto...

EASY TO CLEAN AND CARRY: Dishwasher safe denture container or simply clean in sink with hot water. Allows you a safe and sanitary place to store your expensive invisible aligner trays. What’s more, the denture box makes it convenient to carry dentures anywhere and prevents accidental handling damages.