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Knee Support Brace with Open Patella Helps Stabilizing and Recovery

Knee protect band
Brand: Kemket
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Used for/ideal for treating... Patella tracking dysfunction Moderate to severe cruciate and collateral ligament strains Instability Bursitis Meniscus injuries Arthritic pain * Always consult a doctor Product description:- The Kemket Open Knee Support features a patella opening with stitched buttress giving reinforced support to the patella and anterior knee. The device isolates and restricts movement of the patella and helps relieve tension in the patella ligament, especially beneficial in conditions involving dysfunctional patella tracking. Since the support encompasses the entire knee joint, it improves overall stability by eliminating unwanted glide and twisting at the knee. Weight bearing pressure during movement is more evenly distributed over the joint, which helps ease arthritic and meniscus pain. Product features & innovations Variable Compression Support Stitched buttress gives reinforced support Breathable Design.

Instructions for use:- 1. Position knee cap in Center of support 2. Wrap middle strap behind knee and secure fastening 3. Repeat with top and bottom straps and adjust until firm 4. Ensure the support is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted


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