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UltraDEX Ultra Dex Alcohol Free Breath Freshn...

UltraDEX Oral Spray uses a clinically proven active ingredient that instantly eliminates odour-causing compounds (VSC) for long-lasting fresh breath confidence.

Ultradex Daily Oral Rinse 250ml

A daily use mouthwash with advanced iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology that is proven to eliminate bad breath-causing compounds immediately. Helps to restore your teeth's natural whiteness within 14 days by lifting stains from the teeth. Prevents tooth plaque, helping to combat tooth decay and maintain gum health. No alcohol or colouring, ideal for daily use.
£12.99 £6.85

Ultradex Recalcifying AND Whitening Daily Ora...

Free from sulphates Free from harsh abrasives Mint flavoured Contains fluoride, non-foaming Suitable for vegans
£12.99 £7.35

RetarDEX Oral Rinse with Flouride 500 ml

  • Developed used and recommended by dental professionals.
  • The advanced iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology┬« within UltraDEX┬« Daily Oral Rinse is clinically proven to instantly eliminate bad breath compounds (Volatile Sulphur Compounds) for up to 12-hour fresh breath confidence. Restores natural teeth whiteness within 14 days by gently lifting everyday organic stains.
  • Protect teeth and gums by eliminating bacteria to help prevent plaque tooth decay and gum problems.
  • Contains Flouride to help strengthen teeth.
  • £19.99 £9.25