Just for Men Natural Real Black shampoo in Haircolour H-55

Patented grey target technology Works in 5 easy minutes Targets only the grey for a natural look Leaves hair thicker and fuller looking Lasts up to 6 weeks until the grey grows back
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Fast and easy Shampoo-In formula for a natural grey-free look. Just For Men Original Formula covers your greys completely, permanently and effectively. It targets only the grey hair and preserves subtle variations of your natural hair colour. This easy to apply non-drip hair colour only takes five minutes to colour every single gray hair, and lasts until the grey grows back. A Closer Look: Just For Men Original Formula contains protein, Vitamin E, aloe and chamomile that nourishes your hair while you colour. It leaves your hair looking healthier and thicker after every application. Its ammonia free formula causes no damage to your hair. It conditions your hair and leaves it smoother and easier to manage. Can't decide between two shades? Try the lighter one first. You can always go darker later.