Kemket Gym Weight Lifting Neoprene Double Belt Back Lumber Support Fitnes Medium

This Weight Lifting Belt Will Protect And Strengthen Your Lower Back Allowing You To Lift More Weight And Become Stronger :- Weight lifting can damage the lower back muscles and this can bring your progress to a halt! Wearing a weight belt is the simple solution to the problem In years gone by weight lifting belts were made of thick rigid leather, but times move on and so does the technology available to us. neoprene is a more effective alternative to the traditional back support belt The great thing about Elite Body Squad's neoprene weight lifting belts is they are... - Very lightweight and easy to clean - Ergonomically shaped - fit to the natural contours of your body - Fully adjustable unlike leather which relies on you being exactly the right size to get the pins in to the holes of the buckles - Comfortable enough to wear against the skin without chafing or nipping - Reinforced to make the belt firmer for extra support during heavy lifts - Lined with cotton to absorb sweat away from the skin Neoprene power lifting belts are now used by some of the world's top bodybuilders for their brutally demanding workouts. When it's on, it feels like you aren't wearing anything!
  1. op quality super lightweight and durable neoprene 6" weightlifting belt for unbeatable lumbar support
  2. Easy use 'Quick Release' Velcro fastener with heavy duty stainless steel hook and loop closure
  3. Fully adjustable back support belt - ergonomically shaped for comfort and strength
  4. Fits to the natural shape of your body using carefully crafted contours + Full Satisfaction Guarantee
  5. Support your lower back during those heavy brutal lifts
  6. Size 31" to 37"