Kemket Waist Twister Disc Fitness Massage Round With Hand Ropes Foot Massager Blue

Foot massage points adapted to the shape of the foot Bring a refreshing swing into your fitness program: with the Kemket Twist Body Twister, you can train your balance, coordination and muscle strength with a simple and effective fitness machine. The myTwist workout activates and strengthens a wide variety of areas of the body while sparing wear and tear on your joints, making the device suitable for all ages. Through effectively stabilising the spine and strengthening back and pelvic muscles, the Twist promotes an upright posture while preventing back pain. The Kemket Twister Board can be easily taken anywhere. The foot massage points may be adjusted in height and to the shape of the foot, and the further stimulate your feet to increase well-being and motivation throughout your training. The Twist is not only suitable for aerobic workouts, it is also great for training the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to build up stamina and overall.
  • It can help improve the wry of your hip bone, adjust the balance of muscles around the waist, then compacts muscles in your waist and hip.
  • The ergonomic design is beneficial to health.
  • Combines the principles of reflexology, exercise and magnetic therapy to produce an overall effective exercise system.
  • This exercise system has a low impact on joints, making it ideal for all ages. High level waist twisting device. Creates magnetic wave. Elegant & fashionable appearance. Safe and reliable in using, compact in structure.
  • Body Twister with a handy shape and fully rotating swivel plate •