Sebamed Scalp Balancing Shampoo - Anti-Dandruff for Oily Hair & Flaky Scalp (200mL)

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Removes Visible Signs Of Dandruff 50% Less Flakes after 14 days Gently Cleanses and Soothes Irritated And Flaky Scalp Dermatologically and Clinically Tested
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100% Soap And Alkali Free. Stablisers The Skin'S Natural Balance. Ideal For Sensitive And Healthy Skin. Recommended By Doctors For Regular Use. Inhibits Bacteria Unique After Washing Feeling. 28 Years Of Experience In Medical Skin Care. Available In Over 50 Countries. Not Tested On Animals. Keeps Free From Dandruff, Mycotic Infections And Bacteria. Regulates The Sebum Production. Cleansers And Cares For Hair And Scalp. Stablises The Natural Protective Acid Mantle Of The Scalp And Keeps It Healthy Due To The Ph Value 5.5. Mildy Active Against Dandruff. Healthy Hair Only Grows On A Healthy Scalp. Dandruff, Fungi, Bacteria And Functional Disorders Or The Sebaceous Glands Also Impair The Health Of The Hair. The Seba Med Shampoo Developed In University Departments Of Dermatology Counteracts These Problems. It Has The Ph Value Of 5.5, Which Corresponds To The Ph Value Of Healthy Skin And Stablses The Biological Acid Protective Mantle Of The Scalp. Supported By Mid, Washactive Substances And Special Active Substances, Sebamed Shampoo Regulates The Sebum Production And Keeps The Scalp Free From Fungi, Bacteria And Dandruff.